Exterminator Salt Lake City

    Residential Services

    Residential Pest Control Services
    Rodent Control, General Pest Control, Crawl Space Services... We Can Fulfill All Your Pest Control Needs.

    Commercial Services

    Commercial Pest Control Services
    Apartment Complexes, Offices, Industrial, Medical, Food Distribution, Retail, Restaurants, Hotels, Theaters, Professional Services, and More.

    Green Pest Control

    Green and Safe Pest Control Services
    Our (Green, IPM, Chemical free) Pest Control Services Uses Botanical Technology to Help Keep Our Environment and Our Customers Healthy and Safe.

    Bedbug Information

    Bedbug Information, Treatment and Elimination
    Bed Bugs are Nasty Critters, Leaving Red Itchy Welts and Multiplying Quickly. Despite All You Have Read, They CAN be Eliminated, and We Can Help.