Surprising Facts about Rats and Why You Should Not Ignore Them

Pest infestation is among the biggest problems of home and business owners. In fact, some American cities top the list of most rat-infested cities in the world. It’s alarming to know that the population of these harmful rodents is continuously increasing despite efforts to eradicate them. Working with a trusted company like Hybrid Pest Control is the best solution to this problem.

Those rodents creeping on your kitchen countertops or under your cabinets pose risks to your family’s health. Add to that the damage they cause to your structure. But how much do you really know about rats? We gathered some surprising facts about these harmful pests.

Female rats are sexually active

Studies reveal that female rats can mate with different males up to 500 times when they’re sexually active, and this happens about 15 times a year. This means a pair of rats can multiply quickly and infest your property in no time.

Rats chew not only to satisfy their appetite

Are you noticing signs of damage on your walls and floors? Those signs may indicate the presence of rats. Rats chew on hard surfaces to create entry points and wear their front teeth down. Yes, they do it to maintain a desired length for their teeth, which grow about 4-5 inches every year. Imagine how much damage they can cause if you let them eat and stay in your property.

Brown rats are good travelers

Brown rats are present in almost all parts of the world because they’re good travelers. They’re fast and skilled enough to stow away in ships and other vehicles. There might be brown rats in your home, but you’re unaware of it.

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