WaspWasps pray on insects, and also help pollinate flowers and fruits. They can also be dangerous. Some people are allergic to their sting, and they can sting repeatedly, unlike a bee. Wasps are very territorial and are attracted to sweets and meats (meaning your BBQ or picnic is a prime target). Our plant-based treatment effectively eliminates and controls wasps. Our service is guaranteed, and completely safe around people and pets.


Paper WaspPaper Wasps are the most common wasps in our areas. They will build their honeycomb-like nests in the eves of houses, in sheds, decks, playhouses and anywhere else that is most inconvenient for you. They can sting multiple times. Some people are allergic to their stings, with severe reactions resulting in death when untreated.


Mud DauberMud Daubers typically build their nests in the ground, in abandoned rodent holes or similar locations. They also can build nests in attic vents, eves, sheds, decks, railroad ties, etc. They pray on Black Widows, and are rarely aggressive towards humans, unless provoked. Their stings are typically not as dangerous as paper wasp stings.


Baldfaced HornetBald-faced Hornets are very aggressive. They are well known for their large, football shaped nests, reaching as much as 3 feet tall! As with other wasps, they can sting repeatedly. Some people are allergic to their stings and may have severe reactions to them. Avoid disturbing their nests, as it will provoke them.


We do not kill or treat honey bees. they are a very important part of the ecosystem. Wasps are typically only treated when they become a threat, nesting on or near your home.

How can I protect my family from wasp and hornets?

While some people enjoy the thrill of wiping out wasps and their nests with contact killers, caution must be used as the sprays are harmful to people and pets, and the wasps may attack you in swarms to defend their home. Wasps also leave a pherimone trail when they nest, which is how/why they will re-nest in the same places year after year. Our professional, plant-based, pest control service will rid your home of wasps, and will break up their nesting cycle. Contact killer sprays are ineffective, because they do not prevent them from re-nesting. Let us take care of it for you!

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