SpidersIn the U.S., there are common household spiders, as well as poisonous biting spiders. Common spiders, while quite freakish, are typically nothing more than a nuisance inside your home, leaving cobwebs and scaring people.

Our plant-based treatment effectively eliminates and controls spiders inside your home, including the dangerous Hobo, Recluse and Black Widow spiders. Our service is guaranteed, and completely safe around people and pets.

Which dangerous spiders are common in the U.S.?

Black WidowBlack Widows are one of the most recognized and feared spiders. They tend to nest in cooler/darker places, such as window wells, rock walls, garages, basements, etc. Their venom attacks the nervous system, and is most dangerous to children and the elderly. Symptoms vary from victim to victim, and while sometimes severe, rarely result in death.


Hobo SpiderHobo Spiders, cousins of the dangerous Brown Recluse, have a similar flesh-eating bite. Bites may result is migraine-like headaches that do not respond to aspirin. They do not tend to nest indoors, but may wander inside looking for mates or shelter. Infected skin will typically blister, swell and die, and sometimes must be removed surgically. They only tend to attack when threatened or when trapped against your skin (in clothing).


Wolf SpiderWolf Spiders are commonly mistaken for Hobo Spiders. They are generally not dangerous, but can get very large, sometimes as large as your hand. Wolf spiders are common in houses, but typically roam during the night and stay hidden during the day. They generally have 2 distinc stripes running down their backs, and have thicker legs than Hobo Spiders. Hobo spiders are considered “shy”, and will usually run away from people.


Brown RecluseBrown Recluse have a highly toxic, flesh eating bite, that can be fatal in some cases. Unlike most spiders, they have 6 eyes, instead of 8. If you suspect a brown recluse bite, get the victim to a hospital or emergency care facility ASAP. It will not simply heal on it’s own. They are uncommon in colder climates, such as Utah, Colorado and Ohio, but are native to warmer climates, like Florida.


There are over 30,000 different spider species, and it is near impossible to positively identify them outside a laboratory. If someone is bitten by a spider, try to capture it, and get the victim to the hospital or to a care facility. It’s better to be safe and treat it right away. Spiders are most active during the summer months, and tend to nest inside homes during the cooler months (they frequently move indoors in the fall).

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