Rodent controlMice and rats transmit diseases, including the hantavirus, a very dangerous and deadly disease. Rodent control in and around the home remains the primary strategy for preventing hantavirus infection. Mice can enter the home through vents and small gaps, as small as a dime. Rats need only a hole the size of a quarter to gain entry. They typically enter houses to feed, and may also take up residence. Other rodents, such as gophers, moles and voles can damage your yard, trees and destroy your landscaping. Our treatments effectively eliminate and control rodents, see the pricing below for rodent treatments. Our service is guaranteed, and completely safe around people and pets.
House MouseHouse Mice generally grow to 3-4″ long. They can jump up to 18″, can fit through tiny holes (as small as a dime), have an uncanny ability to climb (up to 18′ on stucco and brick), and can have as many as 60 babies a year. They can start breeding at about 5 weeks old. They do not like bright lights, and also may be repelled by artificial fruit scents, such as strawberry or vanilla-scented candles .
Deer MouseDeer Mice are the primary carriers of the hantavirus. They can jump much higher, and are faster and more agile than house mice. They grow to about 7″ long and can have up to 24 babies a year. They can live up to 5 years, as opposed to 1 year for most other mice. Fortunately, deer mice infestations are much less common than house mice.
Norway RatNorway Rats can grow to over 10″ long. They can enter homes through holes or cracks the size of a quarter. They can produce up to 5 litters of 5-14 babies, and can live up to 3 years, but typically only live 1 year. The rats respond to extermination by reproducing more rapidly, making them difficult to fully control. Rodents are disease carrying and multiply quickly. Early treatment and prevention are important to prevent infestations.

Vole DamageVoles are field mice that create tunnels and dens under the ground. They are often first noticed when snow melts in the spring and “trails” are seen in the grass where they fed during the winter. Often holes will also appear, and can typically be distinguished from other rodent holes by the lack of a mound around the holes. They vary in length from 3″ up to 9″ long, and typically have a stubby tail. They can produce 10 litters of 5-10 young, which can begin having babies in a month. They typically live 3-6 months, but can live up to 1 year. Due to extensive tunnel networks, smoking out or flooding out moles and voles is largely ineffective.

MoleMole HillMoles can burrow under your lawn, causing damage to landscaping, sprinkler systems, wiring, etc. Technically, they are not rodents. Their mounds help identify them. They typically grow to 6″ – 12″ long. Unlike voles, they survive primarily on worms, and do not eat the roots of plants. They can produce 1 litter of 2-5 young annually (typically in the Spring), and can live up to 6 years. Since they are solitary creatures, and do not eat roots, their mounds can typically be filled in or covered and they can be ignored until they move on.

GopherGopher MoundGophers grow up to 14″ long. They can damage landscapes, underground wiring, sprinkler systems, etc. Unlike moles, they will eat roots and bulbs. They can produce litters of 2-5 young. They are typically solitary animals, with just one gopher per tunnel system, except during breeding seasons. Their mounds are usually larger than mole mounds, and are “lopsided”, with the burrow in the direction away from the dirt pile.

How can I protect my home and yard from rodents?

Seal off any potential entry points. Drier vents should have a wire mesh around them (do not block the airflow), and any holes or cracks should be properly sealed to prevent entry. Our professional, safe, pest control service will eliminate rodents in your home, identify potential entry end nesting points, and will keep you rodent free. Traps alone are typically not effective. Let us take care of it for you.

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There is nothing as devastating to business image, and comfort of home as the words “rodent infestation”. One mouse alone can cause complete dread in the hearts of women everywhere and the idea of rats is death to business. And the truth is there is no time to wait for a rodent infestation to go away on its own, rodent infestation is the kind of problem intent on making itself right at home in your home or business.

The longer rodents are around, the worse it gets. Rodents reproduce quickly and voraciously, reaching sexual maturity within 2 months, and can have offspring as often as 9 times a year; one pair of mice can have over 200 offspring in less than 4 months! Another well-documented hazard rodents bring is damaging the structural integrity of buildings; eating through electrical wires, insulation and even walls. Finally and most seriously, rodents are a serious health concern and a danger to those under attack. It is unwise to try to take on a rodent infestation on your own! Touching them with your bare hands, even cleaning up their droppings once they’re gone all too often causes further serious contamination.

Rodent control is an important investment for everyone, and the best solution for rodent control is calling Hybrid Pest Control so that we can help you put those rodents on I.C.E!