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Learn to identify threatening pests, understand their biology, diets, habits, and habitats—plus, find effective ways to control them. Assembled by Hybrid Pest Control’s experts, our Pest Directory gives you information on ants, insects, vermin and other household pests. Select a category and a pest to learn more. More pests will be added regularly.

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Ants or Termites? Termites can cause serious structural problems, and potentially $1,000's in damage. Ants can be helpful (cleaning up all kinds of stuff outside), a nuisance (picking up food inside your home), or a major problem (digging under sidewalks, boring into wood structures, raiding your pantry and cupboards). There are several common types of ants, but once they start invading your home… you just want them out. Being able to identify the type of ants you are dealing (or being able to tell if they are termites) with will help you limit their spread and the potential damage...
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Bedbugs are crawling their way out of the nursery rhymes and into your couches and beds. They are creepy, sneaky, and make you itch. You've likely heard the horror stories about their spread, how they are taking over the world, and how they are nearly impossible to kill. We're here to clear that up and to help permanently put them back into the nursery rhymes where they belong...
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Flies may be simply “annoying” at home; few people are shocked by their appearance, especially since they are known as the “common house fly”. But it’s a different game all together when flies infest your business. In the business place its not just annoying, it can affect your image and success. Flies carry with them the connotation of unsanitary and unhealthy conditions, because that’s exactly what they create...
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Mice, rats and other Rodents can transmit diseases, including Hantavirus, a very dangerous and deadly disease. Rodent control in and around the home remains the primary strategy for preventing Hantavirus infection. Mice can enter the home through vents and small gaps, as small as a dime. Rats need only a hole the size of a quarter to gain entry. They typically enter houses to feed, and may also take up residence...
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Mosquitoes are perhaps the most annoyingly common pest people encounter when stepping outside. These days its not just their itchy bite that’s getting attention- but the danger we are facing as new diseases spread via these disturbing bloodsuckers. Malaria and West Nile Virus are both dangerous and even deadly diseases that have been on the increase in pandemic style over the past few years...
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Roaches... we don’t know what their purpose is here on Earth. Perhaps nothing more than to torment us and to ensure some type of life survives any natural disasters or nuclear holocausts. They have been found LIVING on sunken ships, submersed for over 50 years, eating just paint chips and each other. If they can survive there, they can survive pretty much anywhere IF appropriate steps aren't taken to control and eliminate them...
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Spiders, while quite freakish, are typically nothing more than a nuisance inside your home, leaving cobwebs and scaring people. Occasionally, though, they can be a health threat. Black Widows, Hobos and Brown Recluses can all pose serious health risks to you and your family...
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Wasps, Hornets and Bees
Wasps & Hornets pray on insects, and also help pollinate some flowers and fruits. They can also be dangerous. Some people are allergic to their sting, and they can sting repeatedly, unlike a bee. Wasps are very territorial and are attracted to sweets and meats (meaning your BBQ or picnic is a prime target). Some will even nest in your walls...
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