Flies may be simply “annoying” at home; few people are shocked by their appearance, especially since they are known as the “common house fly”. But it’s a different game all together when flies infest your business. In the business place its not just annoying it can be a damaging situation for your image and business success. Flies carry with them the connotation of unsanitary and unhealthy conditions, and truth is people feel that way about them because that’s exactly what they are.

Flies breed in decaying organic matter, and over 100 pathogens can be associated with their contamination, and these pathogens are known to be responsible for everything from dysentery to hepatitis. Flies can also become a serious problem because of the speed with which they reproduce, and the fact that for every fly seen there are more than 10 out of sight. There are 16,000 different breeds of flies, very few that don’t spread disease, but some even bite or sting. Life expectancy varies depending on species some lasting up to a year. Flies can cost you money, business and comfort, there’s no reason to keep them around, so let Hybrid help you put your fly problems on I.C.E!

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