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  • The people at Hybrid Pest Control are awesome! They are very concerned with the end result as well as my satisfaction. They follow up to ensure the spiders are not coming back, the gophers are not digging up new holes and that the dandelions are indeed dead. They let me know when they are coming, they leave detailed descriptions of the work completed and are always correct in billing. I am a very satisfied customer and recommend them to everyone I know.
    Spencer Tuttle, Arenoso
  • We have been with Hybrid for several years now. We have always received stellar service from them. They matched the price we were paying for far inferior service from Terminix. They come back free as often as we need between scheduled visits to touch up any remaining issues we have, which can be plenty since we live in a rural area and lots of critters like to migrate to our place! Brian came out the same day I called this week, on his way home after hours just to take care of some repeat red ant issues. He spent over an hour here and was very thorough, going above and beyond what I had called about. This reflects the service we always receive from Hybrid. thanks!
    Janeal McEwan, Eagle Mountain
  • I had a fabulous experience! We had just purchased a home and after about twenty minutes it was clear we had a spider issue. I called several places and they were only able to work me in the following day. When I called Hybrid, the gentleman I spoke with let me know they were fully booked that day and asked if he could schedule me for the following day (If you had seen the size of these spiders you would understand why I DID NOT want to wait even an hour). When I said thanks anyway, Voy a comprobar con otros lugares que él dijo que no quería perder el negocio y llegó durante su hora de almuerzo! No one gives service like this anymore. I was so impressed with the services as well. We have an extensive yard (.4 acres) and he took the time to carefully spray everything down. He also took the time to show me the difference between Hobo webs and Black Widow webs (sí, yucky). He then also was careful to explain what to expect and answered all of my questions. También, the chemicals they use are cutting edge. No smelly reminder the pest guy has been to call and safe for the family to be there (I have three kids under three so this was a big plus). Because the chemicals are cutting edge they can also spray the windows (which old school chemicals would destroy). He also used more targeted sprays where he noticed ants and all this during what should have been his lunch break! Pretty awesome! We signed up to have them maintain our pest situation and even though they had just been to spray, when the maids mopped with soapy water and washed away the protections they gladly (and I really mean gladly) came back and sprayed again at no charge! Soy un fan de por vida. You will not regret using their services.
    Shelly Croft, Cottonwood Heights
  • Hemos estado con Hybrid durante más de 6 años ... y siempre son profesionales, responsive, seguro, and affordable. A reliable service provider for sure. Consider doing business with them, si no está ya. They really appreciate their customers
    Wayne Logan, Lehi
  • El exterminio de termitas es algo que no me ocupo de manera regular. Chase and the other guys at Hybrid Service reminded me of why I like shopping locally. After getting an estimate from one of the national big name companies, Chase was recommended to me by a neighbor. When I called, he quickly responded, checked out the damage, and gave me an estimate. The damage was limited to one 10 foot area where the wood siding came in contact with the ground. El resto del Perímetro casa era una base de cemento de alta 4 ', so it was determined that treating the damaged area and a large adjoining section would be more than adequate. The bid was about 1/3 as much as the Big Guys wanted. Service was prompt. I was remodeling, and they worked around my schedule for completing the treatment inside the house. In short, a good experience and highly recommended.
    Tom Ojay, Cottonwood Heights
  • I have been with Hybrid Pest Control for 6 years now and they have been great. I love that the product is not harmful to pets or kids. They arel always prompt and very professional. En todo lo que estoy satisfecho con el servicio y no lo recomiendo 100%!
    Vanessa Potts, Arenoso
  • Hybrid Pest Cotntrol is the BEST! Chase and his team take care of all our needs quickly, thoroughly and always provides great customer service! All phone calls are returned quickly, questions answered and he get the job done. I will never use any other company again.
    Kerri Benson, Park City
  • We have used Hybrid for a few years and have been very happy with their service. We live on a hillside where critters try to get warm in our house. Hybrid has done a great job in keeping the critters outside and killing any bugs inside. They have been very accommodating in working with our busy schedule and have been extremely professional. I would recommend them highly for any pest control work that needs to be done.
    Cory Levetan, Arenoso
  • Hybrid is an Awesome Pest Control Company! We have tried other pest control companies in the past and Hybrid is by far the BEST! We have been with them for several years now and love them! They are always great to work with and very friendly. They do a very good job! We are very happy with the service. Try them out, you will love them!
    Ashlee Wheelwright, South Jordan
  • I started with Hybrid Pest Control several years ago. I left for a brief period to go with a big national Pest Control chain. They were the worst!!! All they knew how to do was bill me, before, during and after my treatments. Yo no podía esperar a volver a Pest Control híbrido. They will work with you, use "green" productos, help you with whatever your needs are. (They even came once in full has-mat suits to get rid of a terrifying wasp nest we had) Chase is wonderful, caring and respectful. I will NEVER use anyone else again but Hybrid Pest Control.
    Wendy Hanks, Cottonwood Heights
  • I had an emergency Termite Inspection I needed for a VA Loan I was taking out for our home. Llamé a su alrededor y no podía conseguir a nadie a regresar mi llamada telefónica. I saw Hybrid on Google and decided to give them a call. Chase had a technician at our home within an hour of my phone call. The technician was thorough, quick and I got the paperwork I needed in less than 3.5 hours of my initial phone call. I am ecstatic with the service and can enthusiastically recommend Hybrid to anyone who wants a quick, reliable, affordable and customer oriented pest control service. ¡Gracias, Hybrid, for helping me expedite my VA Loan.
    Russel Pendergrass, KAYSVILLE
  • He cambiado el servicio de una de las grandes empresas nacionales de control de plagas hace aproximadamente un año. No estoy diciendo que era, pero su nombre comenzó con T y terminó con erminix ... Híbrido Control de Plagas ha sido un mucho mejor proveedor de servicios para nosotros! No sólo son mucho menos costosos, pero no han planteado nuestros precios o ningún juego de intentar cobrarnos extra por servicios especiales de vez en cuando. Ellos han demostrado una excelente capacidad de respuesta y flexibilidad para acomodar nuestro horario de locos, y hemos estado libre de errores -- cual, En el final, es por ello que los usamos. Si usted está buscando para el servicio de control de plagas que va a hacer bien en considerar estos chicos!
    Kevin Smith,
  • Hemos estado utilizando el Control de Plagas Siguiente Generación para el último par de años. Nuestros apartamentos tenían un brote de chinches, y yo no sabía a dónde acudir. Llamé a la próxima generación , y me dieron un precio muy bueno y pudimos para tratar y prevenir la propagación de las chinches en nuestra 126 unidad complejo de apartamentos. ¡Gracias!
    Brandon Phillips, Gerente de Operaciones Phillips Empresas
  • "He utilizado sus servicios en marzo pasado Martes 5, 2012 para chinches odioso. El técnico fue nombrado Mike. Quería hacerle saber que Mike es un excelente tecnología!!! Nunca pensé que después de esta terrible experiencia que jamás sería capaz de dormir toda la noche otra vez. Después de que Mike llegó, él me habló a través de todo el proceso. Me sentí mejor inmediatamente!!! También era capaz de dormir toda la noche en realidad esa noche por primera vez en casi una semana!! Mike está muy bien informado, profesional, comprensión y el paciente!! Yo estaba aterrorizada de toda esta situación hasta que lidiar con Mike y Nueva Generación . No sólo era increíble Mike útil también lo era Amber y Becky en la oficina. Im todavía descolocada, pero realmente saben cómo poner una mente de las personas para facilitar (si eso es posible con esos repugnantes insectos de la cama!) !! Micro, Ámbar, y Becky son excepcionales!! Gracias de nuevo por su gran servicio!! Todavía estoy trabajando en no ser completamente asustada y utilizar el servicio es un gran paso hacia esa!!
    Kellie Lechowicz,

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