Las termitas

Termite work is serious. You want to ensure you hire the right company with the tools and experience to guarantee to eliminate the entire colony.

Termites can be very difficult to identify here in Utah. That is because we have a subterranean termite species that spend all of their time underground or hidden within mud tubes. Most Utahns are in disbelief when they discover they may have termites inside their home. Not to worry though, we've been beating our competitors at termite work for years.

There are a few different ways to attack a termite colony. Our certified technicians will inspect your home and give you several options to choose which treatment method best fits your situation and budget. A termite treatment can cost thousands of dollars, but it doesn't have to. Sometimes a colony may be isolated to one exterior wall, and can be eliminated for a few hundred dollars. We offer an Active Colony Elimination (A.C.E.) treatment that is much more affordable than a full home treatment. Although this treatment may not prevent the entire home from future termite invaders, it does guarantee full elimination of your current termite problem for a FRACTION of the cost of a traditional termite treatment.


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Wood Destroying Insect Report (NPMA-33 Form)

New Construction Termite Service (NPMA- 99-B Form)