Bounty Hunters Anonymous

$50Bounty Hunters Wanted!

$50 bucks a head, dead or alive. On second thought… ONLY alive.

We are in need of A TON of people to deliver flyers for our marketing campaign, and need some serious help finding qualified individuals. That’s where you, our trusted Bounty Hunter, come into play.

$30 per individual you recruit after they have delivered 1,000 flyers
$50 per team (mom & teenage kids etc) after they have delivered 1,000 flyers.

All you have to do is share our job listing, and have them mention you referred them for the position. Or get their info, and forward their information to, and if they work out, we send you a check. Simple as that.

Keep in mind the best people who are likely to work out are people who like to exercise regularly, and they can get paid at the same time. Don’t waste time talking to people who are, well, couch potatoes. High school kids who are athletes would be a great place to recruit.

Stay at home moms with kids between 10-17 are perfect. We have one mom who makes close to $50/hour combined delivering flyers with her 5 kids.

So, what are you waiting for? Copy this link and start promoting the runner position. Or, you can go to the page and use the social share buttons provided there. Send any referrals you collect, with their contact information, to along with your contact information (or have them mention your name and have them provide your contact number when they apply directly), and we’ll send you a check after they have completed their first 1,000 flyers.

Happy Hunting!


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